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Value Added Services

UTSI has many products and services in our portfolio. In addition to our various security related, hosting, and consulting services, our team also can offer a few value-added services to your organization.

Mobile Device Support

In the modern business environment, mobile devices now play an important role for both small business and enterprise. BlackBerry devices keep team members connected while off site, and new Android and iPad devices come equipped with specialized apps allowing many useful business functions to be handled on-demand. UTSI can help with the procurement, ongoing maintenance and address security concerns within the organization.

Remote Connectivity

Remote connection systems allow your staff to connect and use servers in remote locations, either down the hall or across the country! Your organization can centralize certain operations in the datacenter or cloud, and replace expensive workstations with inexpensive “thin client” workstations designed to seamlessly operate off of the remote server — saving you hardware, licensing and maintenance costs.

Contract Management

Do you currently keep track of software licenses and warranty expiration dates? Do you have the right data and voice plan for your bandwidth needs and call volume? UTSI can help manage your IT contracts, ensuring you are paying for what you need, when you need it. We also make sure you stay current on your vendor license agreements and warranty contracts, avoiding any financial pitfalls if problems occur with your infrastructure.

Staff Augmentation

Is your organization expanding or changing? Do you have an in-house project that requires a specialized skill? Our staff augmentation program is an excellent choice to add key talent to your existing team for short or fixed terms. UTSI can provide your team with expert consultants, immediately augmenting your existing staff to handle extra work load or specialized projects.

Hardware Procurement

Is it time to upgrade or replace your old workstations, laptops, printers or failed components? UTSI makes the process of hardware procurement quick and easy — as part of a managed services contract, or stand alone job, we know how to find the right tool for the right price.

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