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Markets We Serve

Over the past two decades Ultimate Technical Solutions, Inc. (UTSI) has forged business relationships spanning various vertical markets. We understand the business drivers which shaped our specific service offerings, talent and comprehensive technology solutions for our customers. We will continue to pursue opportunities in our core industries while developing productive, synergistic relationships with our clients and partners.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Companies and organizations operating within the Energy, Utilities and Chemical industries are facing new challenges in the way that they operate and run their businesses. Traditional approaches no longer deliver guaranteed value that once was afforded to these organizations.

UTSI delivers high-quality IT services to help large international and independent companies in the private sector, as well as national oil and chemical companies, optimize their future. Our cross-segment capabilities provide the energy industry with a range of tools and ideas designed to optimize the performance in software and networking implementations. Supported by UTSI’s extensive network of specialists, UTSI’s IT professionals work closely with client teams on the design and planning of new projects. UTSI conducts validated and quantified business analyses and develop a recommended action plan for driving high-performance business benefits.

Banking and Finance

No other sectors of the global economy drive capital spending on information technology (IT) as much as the banking and financial-services industry. It has been documented that the banking & financial services industry gets the highest ‘return on investment’ from the implementation of advanced information technology. Since the basic nature of the banking &financial industry is transaction processing, designing and implementing advanced and complex IT systems and solutions can enhance its ability to process transactions.

Because UTSI’s IT staff stays abreast with advanced and leading-edge technologies, its IT professionals are able to assist banking and financial institutions acquire the technology that best fits with the organizations business processes and IT growth plans. We focus on this industry is to assist organizations add extended IT functionality as well as enhance the organization’s systems and network capabilities & performance. In addition, UTSI addresses the IT needs and requirements that result in customer retention and further development of customer relationships.

Government and Municipalities

The local, state and federal government have always utilized some form of technology. The problem is that these government agencies have all acted autonomously in their pursuit of acquiring and implementing advanced technologies – resulting in redundancy and inefficiency throughout the entire government institution.

UTSI understands the unique information technology needs of the government. With dedicated IT professionals and industry experts, UTSI can solve any IT challenge. We provide professional IT consulting to evaluate the content and accuracy of existing government processes and procedures and provides services to establish new processes and methodologies for IT systems, networks and security environments.


As our country’s population grows so does our public & private school systems. We have witnessed significant growth in the enrollment in our colleges and universities all across the country. Advanced technologies and state-of-the-art information systems are now required to support the hundreds’ and thousands’ of students, faculty and employees who regularly access the applications and systems that reside on the institution’s IT network system.

UTSI has experienced long-term relationships with the public schools, colleges and universities in the surrounding areas of New Orleans. This experience has enabled UTSI to fully understand their needs, sensitivities and requirements for ensuring that the right IT solution will be designed and implemented into the school’s IT environment.


Healthcare is the fastest growing market in the computer field. It is estimated that nearly twenty percent of today’s healthcare costs are related to the processing of data and information. The use of effective information technology systems can deliver substantial cost savings in the industry. Today’s isolated technology applications used in the healthcare industry provide only piecemeal solutions.

UTSI’s goal is to assist organizations and healthcare providers design and implement technologies that will form a foundation for a nationwide information system, including tools for enterprise integration and business process modeling. We provide the expertise to ensure that health organization’s telecommunication systems and information technology systems comply with increasing federal regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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