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Our Philosophy

At UTSI we take pride in the commitment that we have to our customers. We do everything possible to make sure that our customer’s IT needs and requirements have been met, that our customer’s expectations in the delivery of our products and services have been satisfied, and that our customers receive value in the services that we deliver. Our philosophy is to provide and deliver the best and most complete IT solution for the customer. There are three key components that set the foundation for our company’s philosophy: our vision, our company’s core values, and our organization’s business approach for the practice of delivering IT solutions.

Team Work

Our employees develop a trust and dependency in one another. Understanding team members’ responsibilities is the first key to the development of excellent teamwork. We encourage constant and continuous communications between team members. Collaborating as a team is critical for the achievement of the overall, company goals.

Our Vision

Our company’s vision and mission is to become the best at what we do! We provide complete, turnkey IT solutions to our customers. Considering the current IT market place and considering our current status and capabilities as a provider of IT products and services, we envision our company becoming the number one IT Service Provider of complete, turnkey IT solutions for customers in the state of Louisiana.


The creativity and innovation of our employees are key to the development of complete, turnkey IT solutions. Our employees are our most valuable resources, and we rely on these resources to think ‘out of the box,’ as we are paving the way in which service providers deliver complete IT solutions to their customers.

Core Values

Continuously providing quality services — that’s what we have been known to deliver to our customers. Our organizational leaders constantly stress the company’s core values as well as emphasize the importance of embracing these values so that we are able to accomplish what we had designated as the company’s vision.

Open Communnication

We encourage open communications throughout our entire organization. We believe that constant and continuous communication is important to the success of our organization. Having an environment that supports open communications has prevented many obstacles that can lead to low moral and productivity. And, everyday we see the value of having an organizational structure that welcomes and that is designed for open communications.


UTSI requires a high-degree of morality and ethics from each of its employees. Employees are expected to perform in a professional and honest manner.

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