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Business Continuity Planning

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Are you ready for the unexpected? We assist with the development and implementation of a business continuity plan to maximize the availability of your system infrastructure.

Continuity Solutions

UTSI employs various kinds of technology solutions to achieve an always-on, always-available technology infrastructure for you. We leverage our datacenter facilities, network operation center, automated monitoring systems, and our team of experienced professionals.

  • We utilize virtualization technology to keep mission critical infrastructure, such as website and email, BlackBerry access, accounting systems, and even phone systems online.
  • We replicate important data to offsite locations for both storage and disaster recovery.
  • We use remote connectivity technology to make servers across the country function as if they are right in the other room.

Data Backup Services

Did you know 70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are out of business in 2 years? UTSI provides a simple, comprehensive backup and recovery solution for your organization. We take your data stored locally on your computers and automatically replicate it to our offsite datacenter. We also implement a disaster recovery system, which enables us to restore your computer systems to a working state quickly, without loosing any important company information.

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