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Full Service Information Technology (IT) Managed Services, Spam and Virus Protection, and Computer Support for Your Business

Information Technology (IT) Support Services

With our Managed Services platform, we can support your entire IT infrastructure! This includes maintenance on your existing office computers and printers, your servers, the office network, internet connection, firewalls, and servers. We will monitor your systems 24/7, and automatically fix problems when they occur. Many fixes can be performed remotely from our support center in Harvey, LA.

Disaster Mitigation/Recovery and Continuity Planning

Businesses in the gulf south region understand well the impending dangers of hurricanes and other natural disasters. UTSI can provide you with a solution that allows you to back up your data, offsite certain mission critical systems, and make sure your data remains intact and your servers online when disaster strikes. You can be amongst the first to be up and running because your systems never went down in the first place!

Spam and Virus Planning and Removal Services

Spam and Virus protection should be a major concern for your business. Attackers can remotely steal credit cards, email passwords and other sensitive personal and corporate information. Make sure your data is safe and protected with adequate anti-virus software and anti-spam systems. If you have an immediate need of virus removal, call us immediately for us to setup an inspection and propose a prompt fix.

Email and Server Hosting Services

Every modern business has computers, emails and the basic office file server. With our managed email and server hosting abilities, we can make sure that the technology that powers your business always remains online and accessible. If you have employees on the road, or multiple offices, server hosting is “the solution” to properly connect people to computers, no matter where they are. It also gives you the added benefit of remaining up and running when the electricity goes out, or when storms hit.

Learn about us so we can help you!

We are a full service, New Orleans based Information Technology (IT) solutions provider. Our business approach relies on the execution of four major business components: Development of customer loyalty, the formation of strategic partnerships, building and developing turn-key IT solutions, and aligning technology with the business process. Our flagship Managed IT services program allows organizations to take advantage of our full suite of products and services: Hosting, Microsoft Exchange, Spam and Virus filtering, Business Continuity and Disaster Mitigation, Network Monitoring, Cabling and other Networking solutions, plus many value added services.

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